Better Demographics = Better Deals.

Applying demographic, location, and spatial data to real estate yields enormous advantages—you can see trends that other investors can't.

VestMap automates the heaving lifting of creating actionable location reports so investors can screen deals quickly, underwrite with greater confidence and reduce downside risk. 

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Real estate pros rely on VestMap

"Allows us to vet more deals"

"Location data is critical to our process but the evaluation was incredibly slow and inconsistent. VestMap can do in 30 seconds what used to take my team hours."

Johnny Wolf

Johnny Wolf - CEO, HomeRoom Co-Living, YC W '22

"We're reacting faster to new opportunities"

"Speed is everything in the acquisitions game. VestMap helps us quickly screen deals before going through a full underwriting process. With VestMap we are able to evaluate many more properties quickly. We are acquiring more and better deals with VestMap."

Nick B.

Nick B. - Managing Partner, Anonymous Capital, $1B AUM

Over 60% of the overall returns in real estate are predicted by demographic & location factors (McKinsey, 2021)

When it comes to predicting good neighborhoods, granular location and demographic data are the single most important factors that will drive returns. 

Compiling hundreds of data points for every property is time-prohibitive, leaving data-driven investors with 3 options:

1. Don't use location and demographic data and leave millions in potential returns on the table.

2. Try to look up this information yourself or hire an employee to do it - costing thousands of hours and still leaving out the hyper-local insights you need.

3. Use VestMap for a fraction of the cost of a research assistant and generate hyper-local location due-diligence reports for every property in 30 seconds.

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Save time assessing properties

VestMap gives you glanceable, actionable location data that typically takes a lot of time to find and compile - no more digging through county websites or pulling data from multiple systems.

Improve your search & vetting process

Granular location insights are critical in the property search process, but no one wants to waste time analyzing data on a property that you might not offer on. With VestMap, you don't have to choose.

Automate due diligence reports

Location reports are a critical piece of the due diligence package. VestMap reports can be customized with your company logo and used alongside your regular due diligence paperwork.

Invest in the path of progress.

"Is a neighborhood trending up or is it on its way further down?"

"Over the next 5 years, are people moving to this area or moving away? What effect will that have on prices and rents?"

"Can the people that live in this area afford my target rents?"

Quickly quantify answers to these questions and more with a location report from VestMap. 

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Identify “hyperlocal” patterns first —granular trends at the block level rather than at the city or zipcode level.

Two adjacent and seemingly similar properties might look wildly different in terms of location & demographic data — with very different growth trajectories and corresponding overall returns.

Without a granular location due-diligence report, investors are leaving millions of dollars in potential returns on the table.

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"Variables related to nontraditional data, such as proximity to restaurants or changes in the number of nearby apparel stores, explained 60 percent of the changes in rent." -McKinsey

Between 1997 and 2014 the price of homes within a quarter of a mile of a Starbucks™ jumped by more than 171 percent, more than 45 percentage points higher than homes nationally. 

By integrating over 14,000 current and planned locations of major retailers like Starbucks™, Whole Foods™ and Family Dollar™, VestMap helps investors quantify & capture more neighborhood appreciation.

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Screen deals faster and underwrite with confidence.

VestMap allows investors to quickly screen out deals that don't fit their criteria without missing the hidden gems with D.I.S.C.E.R.N.™

D.I.S.C.E.R.N.™ stands for Demographics, Income, Schools, Crime, Expansion, Rent & Neighborhood. Each section helps you understand granular location data quickly and consistently for every property with side-by-side comparisons to tract, zip, county, state & national benchmarks.

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"We cut the time we spent on due diligence by half. Having these types of insights at every stage of due diligence is critical.

Michelle L, Multifamily Broker & Investor, Kansas City Market

Better Demographic Data = Better Deals

Get hyperlocal one-click location insights for every property with VestMap.

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VestMap saves real estate professionals 10 hours a week on location research and due diligence.

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Real Estate Investors & Professionals Love VestMap

"VestMap's insights help me better evaluate properties of interest for both long and short-term investments. I also found it useful for evaluating properties already in my portfolio."

Regina Mack, Real Estate Investor

Regina Mack, Real Estate Investor

"Love VestMap - I subscribed to the service after hearing the Bigger Pockets episode and it really simplifies the searching I've been doing. I'm also in love with the D.I.S.C.E.R.N. Method"

Andrew, Managing Partner at Boreal Capital

Andrew, Managing Partner at Boreal Capital

"Cashflow models don't give you the long term. VestMap is able to give me a quick overview...of the stability of the market and see the future of a property."

Z. Campbell, Real Estate Investor

Z. Campbell, Real Estate Investor

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