Discover real estate with high growth potential, backed by data science.

VestMap helps real estate investors find & underwrite locations quickly, giving investors access to the most important variable for investing success.

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VestMap helps us maximize returns

"Location intelligence from VestMap is allowing us to operate faster & more efficiently. What used to take my team hours now takes 30 seconds and the quality of the analysis is 100% accurate."

Johnny Wolf

Johnny Wolf - CEO, HomeRoom Co-Living, YC W '22

On-demand data science for site selection, analysis and diligence.

Location is arguably the most important factor for investors to understand, yet location analysis is an often overlooked.

The time, expense and expertise required to use data science as an everyday investing tool put it out of reach for all but the largest players. VestMap aims to change this.

VestMap's technology can do the work of a data scientist in seconds instead of hours - making the power of instituional-grade analysis accessible to more investors.

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Follow the fundamentals, not crowds

Investing on market fundamentals rather than following other investors is critical for developing a successful investing thesis. VestMap helps investors develop an investing thesis backed by data.

Speed up your search process

Granular location insights are critical in the property search process, but investors don't have time to be bogged down in research or rely on slow outside teams. VestMap helps investors get the insights they actually need, quickly.

Granular analysis for any asset class

VestMap can be used to evaluate any real estate asset class. Search by address, APN, parcel, zip or MSA. VestMap can help underwrite SFH, development sites, multi-family, commercial, construction and more.

Invest in the path of progress.

Get the most accurate growth forecasts and indicators, updated in real-time. Pair growth alongside granular demographics and POI data to inform valuations & price aggressiveness today.

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Enter new markets with ZipFinder™

There are 30,940 zip codes in the United States, but only about 1,960 of those are actually relevant to real estate investors. 

Narrow your search with the ZipFinder™ interactive map. Start with a map of the U.S. and "build" your perfect zipcode with data.

Define the variables that matter you to and allocate capital with a data-driven strategy.

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See rental potential at a glance

Quickly answer the question: "Can the people who live here afford my target rents?"

Get granular rental comps, and historical rent trends alongside your demographic & POI data in a single report.

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Get granular location insights, not dying property facts.

VestMap was built with a simple idea: underwrite locations first.

Location factors like income, demographics & nearby points of interest predict ~60% of the overall returns in real estate (McKinsey, 2021).

By underwriting locations first, VestMap empowers investors to make decisions armed with the data most likely to result in investing success.

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